Whale Watching

Two national parks are located in the Gulf of Chiriqui, magnificent Coiba National Park, a popular area with diving enthusiasts, and the Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park.

Every year from August to November the humpback whales visit this area to teach their babies how to swim and dive. They love to put on a show!

Orcas may be seen on the east side of Coiba Island in the Bahia Damas. Sperm whales also stop here. Toothed whales may also be seen on the Pacific side of Panama, including beaked whales and the short-finned pilot whale.

You can look for them and dolphins on a panga boat with our captain. You will depart from the hotel looking for humpback whales and dolphins inside and around the national park. If you are fortunate enough you will float quietly beside these beautiful giants as they swim alongside with their whale baby.
On board is snorkeling equipment to enjoy the coral around Bolanos Island. Here you can find colorful fish, sponges, coral, mollusk, green turtles, puffer fish and other creatures which live in these tropical waters.


Spa Cielo

Spa Services:

Relaxing massage (1 hour)

Deep tissue (1 hour)

Bamboo massage (1/2 hour)

Facial exfoliation

Body exfoliation

Facial mask



Piloga classes (40 minutes)

Massage & Facial exfoliation

Manicure & Facial exfoliation

​​Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing takes place in the waters around Boca Chica and can be done per hour, half day or full day. The boat carry up to four people.

The trip is done on a center console by Panama Nautical Club. The captains are very experienced local fishermen who have fished the surrounding waters all their life's, they know the local secret spots. 


Mangrove Tour 

 We offer 2 options:

1. Take the kayak from either the east or west beach and self explore this eco system and the diversity  of flora and fauna.

2. Request a captain who will guide you through the mangroves in our small panga or inflatable dingy while you sit back and discover Mangroves.

Consider bringing:



Sun screen


Swim suit and towel


Extra dry clothes

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               Discover the Surrounding Islas

​Enjoy any magical “islas” and their white sand beaches with our  captains. They  will take you by boat to the tropical islands of your choice: Isla Palenque, Isla Bolanos, Isla Gamez, Playa Grande or Islas Secas.

Each island is unique and possible activities include:
Snorkeling where you will observe colorful fish, Exploring the uninhabited coastal line and rock pools, Picnicking on the beach while enjoying the shade of a palm tree.

During the boat trip you may  see dolphins, whales, fly fish, giant green turtles and many different ocean birds.
Tours are half day or full day, ask before you leave if you want to have a picnic lunch prepared.

                Day sailing & Sunset Cruises

​Sail "The Kraken" which is a totally restored 1978 CT-42 Mermaid ketch, powered by an inboard Volvo Penta diesel power.  The boat is equipped with the state of the art electronic and safety equipment.

Day Sailing - 8 Hour
Water / Sodas
Bottles of Wine
Cocktails and beer
Captain and Hostess
Capacity: 4 people 

               Local Indigenous Village Tour

Isla Boca Brava, an island of approximately  3800 hectares or 9300 acres. The island is home to numerous indigenous villages. The indigenous tribes on the Island are referred to as Ngöble-Buglé. The women, adorned in brightly colored flowing dresses with embroidered waist banks and neckline decoration. They live secluded lives away from modern societies and are subsistence farmers and agriculturalists. The 1 hour tour will enlighten you on traditional sustainable living. You will visit their crops, housing and cooking facilities and be charmed by the young children and have the chance to purchase local handicrafts.

Cala Mia employs many local Ngöble, in order to help them learn new skills and provide income for the families.  The entire price you pay for the tour is given to the village to help the families prosper.

Off Shore Sport Fishing

With Panama Nautical Club.

Panama Nautical Club is one of the top rated offshore fishing guides in the area. Hannibal Bank, Montuosa Island and Isla Ladrones are renowned for catching huge fish!

The boat will depart at from the Cala Mia around 6:30-7am each morning, with the  expected return around 5pm read more at: 


Horse Trekking

Explore Isla Boca Brava by horse back: an unforgettable ride.

You will be transported by boat to the nearby stables where you will be greeted by an experienced guide.

The adventure will take 2 hours; you will be  led through the mangroves and up the mountains to one of the highest points of Boca Brava. From here you have awesome views of the surrounding ocean, numerous islands including Islas Secas and the main land. You may encounter monkeys, other wild life and will experience the flora and fauna of Isla Boca Brava. The ride ends back at Cala Mia resort.

Maximum number of riders per trip is 6 and we normally require 24 hours notice between reservation and departure.

Hiking in the Indigenous Forest

Cala Mia Resort is located on Isla Boca Brava, an island of approximately  3800 hectares or 9300 acres. The island consist of a mix of mangroves, indigenous forest, pasture land and tropical beaches and hosts a  variety of flora and fauna. The hikes are accompanied by one of our indigenous workers.

The lookout: 1 Hour

The hike is 1 hour and takes you from the hotel up to one of the higher points of Boca Brava, you will get to the lookout from which you will have an incredible view of the blue waters of the gulf of Chiriquí. On the hike you should encounter howler monkeys and tropical birds. 

Explore Isla Boca Brava: 3 Hour

The hike is 3 hours and takes you through a large part of the island. About half way you pass a great beach where you can go for a swim. A unique experience exploring  such a diverse eco system and seldomly visited areas up close. There are plenty of chances to encounter monkeys, birds and colorful flora. The hike ends at a exclusive private Resort where you will enjoy a tasty lunch with cold drink or cocktail. After you are done, a boat will pick you up and return you to Cala Mia.

Scuba Diving

Enjoy a great day exploring the gorgeous blue waters of the Chiriqui gulf: coral reefs, colorful fish, giant green turtle with  Panama Nautical Club.

Location: Islas Secas  & Isla Ladrones (Advance divers)
Leaving: 8:00am, Returning: 3:30pm - 4:30pm (weather dependent)

Trip takes 1hr from Boca Chica to Islas Secas / Ladrones. All equipment supplied - 2 to 6 divers per trip.

General details:
Please contact us or Panama Nautical Club for detailed information.Payment is made direct to the diving company. The diving trip includes two immersions, equipment, boat, captain, dive-master, gasoline and picnic on the beach (unless it is Ladrones which means the picnic would be on the boat).

Online Booking

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