Temperatures here are consistent year-round with highs around 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) and lows around 70 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). Nights and mornings are always cooled by Pacific Breezes similar to Southern California. Its a great escape from Simmering US summer heat.
While the temperatures remain in a fairly narrow range rain fall varies dramatically.

Dry - December - April: Little to no rainfall

Green - May - September: Sunny all day with evening showers (my favorite part of the year)

Rainy - October - November: Evening rain most days

Don't be fooled by a rainy weather forecasts, and most days it does rain in the late afternoons or evenings. With the exception of October, the weather each morning is clear and sunny until later afternoon or evening when we receive  light to heavy showers (the distant  storms over the Western Pacific at night provide a spectacular light show!).  The mornings and evenings are cooled by Pacific Breezes much like Southern California... sure beats the Texas Heat which surprises many given Panama is so far south of Panama... but its so true!


West Panama’s most famous attractions are its two highland national parks - La Amistad International Park (which is half in Panama and half in Costa Rica) and Volcan Baru National Park. The Chiriqui highlands are famous for their near perfect climate, quaint villages, friendly folk, flower fairs, coffee farms, orchid farms, extraordinary birding, hiking and the panoramic mountain views.

The highlands are also one of Panama’s best adventure destinations with access to whitewater rafting, canopy zip lines, mountain biking, volcano or waterfalls hikes, horseback riding and whitewater kayaking. The most popular place to stay is the charming mountain town Boquete on the eastern side of Volcano Baru. Bouquete offers easy access to a wide range of nature & adventures tours and a diverse selection of lodges and restaurants.

Gulf of Chiriqui: 

This Pacific Gulf south of David in Panama’s western province is home to thousands of pristine islands and unspoiled beaches. Isla Boca Brava is a virtually uninhabited island in the Gulf of Chiriqui Marine National Park. The island has access to innumerable secluded beaches and is a refuge for an abundance of wildlife both on land and in the water. Hotel Cala Mia offers 11 bungalow suites on Isla Boca Brava is the perfect jumping-off point to explore the nearby islands, beaches and mangroves. It is also nearby world renowned sport fishing grounds (Coiba’s Hannibal Bank or Islas Las Seca) and scuba diving (Islas Los Ladrones).

Further off the mainland is the Islas Secas Private Island Resort. A comfortably-appointed eco-resort, a string of 16 virtually untouched islands with five-star service, six private casitas just 12 miles off the Pacific coast of West Panama. Privately owned and limited to only 14 people at a time to preserve the islands’ eco-structures, this little bit of heaven is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the rush, noise, and heat of the city, hang onto a few comfortable amenities, enjoy outdoor activities, and see nature as it existed centuries ago. Recommended by Islands Magazine.

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Flying From Panama City To David:

Copa Airlines has direct flights from Panama City's International Airport (PTY) to David (DAV). This option eliminates the need to transfer to the Panama City Domestic airport (PAC), saving an hour and some frustration.

However,  Air Panama still flies from Panama City's domestic airport Allbrook Regional (PAC) to  David (DAV).    PAC is about a 60 minute taxi ride from Tocumen International Airport (PTY).  You should arrive an hour early. A taxi ride will cost about $30.00 to $35.00.  Always ask the driver how much before you get in the vehicle.

The Air Panama baggage weight limit from Panama City to David is 30 lbs.   The overweight charge is .80 cents a pound. The flight is about 45 minutes to David. 

International Arrivals Into Panama City: Due to its growing popularity,  there are an increasing number of direct flights to Panama City (PTY) from numerous cities across The Americas and Europe. Check arrivals here.


By boat from David:

We will arrange a taxi(s) to transport your party from the airport to the Pedregal Marina, which is 5 minutes away from the airport. 

From Pedregal we will schedule a boat to transport you directly to the Cala Mia dock. You’ll experience 60 minutes through lagoons, mangroves, tidal-wetlands, estuaries, and river banks. 

These transportation fees are not included in the room fees.

By Car from David:

We will arrange for a taxi or van to bring you directly to the dock at Boca Chica via the Inter-American Highway. One of our staff will meet you at the dock in Boca Chica to transfer your party & luggage into a Cala Mia boat which will then bring your party to the Cala Mia Dock. 

This ride could take 1 hour depending upon traffic.

You will be greeted by our Captain in Boca Chica and will be transported to the Island. The boat ride is free based on our ferry schedule or when you stay 3 or more nights, otherwise $20 each way will be charged. (Free boat does not apply on special or promotional rates.)

Ferry schedule: 

From Boca Chica 11:00am, 4:00pm, and 8:00pm 
From Cala Mia 10:30am



Cala Mia is located on the lightly populated island of Boca Brava, in the Chiriqui Archipelago, part of the National Marine Park in the Gulf of Chiriqui.  It has more than 100 islands (Islas Secas) within its borders with countless secluded beaches!

The park is a haven for abundant wildlife: In the jungle covering the islands:  howler monkeys, ocelots, jaguar, undi, raccoons, anteaters, coyotes. The park is just one of Panama’s 15 nature refuges and is home to many of Panama’s 900 species of birds, 1200 orchid varieties and 100 butterfly varieties.

In the bays and the sea:  dolphins and leatherback and hawksbill turtles, whales and a variety of other tropical fish.

In the deep blue sky:  birds, birds, birds! Hundreds of species, a crossroads between two continents!


That is a description of New Zealand, my home. I once believed nothing on earth could compare to New Zealand's natural splendor, until I discovered Northern Panama two years ago. It’s amazing, but the exact same description applies to Northern Panama. Importantly, the Panamanian people share the same commitment of New Zealanders to preserving their land.

Our team is fully committed to preserving the magic of Cala Mia, which has earned consistently outstanding Travel Advisor Ratings, including the 2016, 2017 & 2018 Traveler's Choice Award

Come see for yourself.

David Fraser & The Cala Mia Team

"There are few places in the world where, within the space of one day, you can experience mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes and stunning coastline - all whilst spotting wildlife found nowhere else on earth" 


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